Client | Colleague Comments

"It's hard to know where to start in praising Zack Pritchett's professionalism and expertise. His knowledge of industry standards and museum quality object handling and installation techniques speaks for itself - you will never have cause to worry about your collection when they are in the care of Indie Art Handler.   

As much as I've benefitted from Zack's skill on the physical side of collection care and installation, it's his keen eye for organization and calm demeanor that truly put him head and shoulders above the rest. No matter how challenging, ornery, or fragile an object or situation may be, Zack's good humor, intelligent approach, and grace under pressure make him a true pleasure to work with.    

I particularly have valued his willingness to collaborate in a deep and meaningful way when planning installations, whether they be a single large object, a small collection, or an entire exhibition. His thoughtful eye and keen perspective are invaluable. That being said, Zack is more than capable of planning all aspects of complex layout and installation, and willing to spend the time "tweaking" a final product until you are 100% satisfied."  

- Kristin Schwartz-Lauster

Project Consultant at Duane Hatchett Estate


I contracted with Zack to install original paintings in my new home.  Having some larger pieces, I was at a loss as to how to properly display them and was nervous to even try for fear of damaging my walls.  

In stepped Zack, and after a brief consultation this confident man carefully and capably - but quickly - turned my blank canvas of a house into an interesting and inviting art-filled home.  He has a keen eye for spatial and lighting conditions and understands where to place art to maximize its impact and enjoyment.  

My modest collection is not of high monetary worth, but has tremendous sentimental value.  Zack handled each piece as though it were of the highest museum quality, proving his complete commitment to making the art shine.  Thank you, Zack, for your excellent service!

- J. L. Broussard

Bedford, Texas