Sculpture Installation

In August of 2015, one of the most iconic sculptural landmarks in Dallas was dismantled. The 60 foot tall steel artwork by artist Mark Di Suvero, titled, "Proverb" was purchased by the Dallas Symphony Foundation and it stood for 20 years. With great care and thorough coordination across multiple organizations and companies, and under my direct leadership in collaboration with the artist himself and his foundry team members, we successfully and safely de-installed this monumental sculpture.

From the exhibition, "Silence and Time", may 29 through August 28, 2011, a time-lapse video showing the installation of James Lee Byars' sculpture, "The Figure of Death" (1986, basalt, Private Collection, Dallas, TX) in the Barrel Vault of the Dallas Museum of Art. Here you can see some of the more technical sculpture rigging processes my team and I utilized in the installation of this monumental artwork. Careful planning, painstaking coordination, and project management was key to this project.

Whether you're an artist, designer, gallery owner, or fine art dealer, you can trust that the most difficult installations of sculptural artworks to your client's homes are handled professionally and safely, and executed in a manner that will exceed your client's expectations - hands down. 

Each sculpture is entirely unique, and carries its own special handling, installation, care and maintenance requirements. Having an intimate knowledge of the materials, tools and equipment necessary to safely deliver and install your sculptural artworks coupled with an extensive background in rigging and machine operation means that your next sculpture installation is worry free. 

With well over a decade of technical rigging and installation experience of monumental outdoor sculptures, site-specific and in-home works, there's no challenge too daunting or complex. Site visits are conducted free of charge as well as bids on installation projects.