Residential Art Services

Why is home so important to us? Because for better or worse, by presence or absence, it is a crucial point of reference - in memory, feeling, and imagination, for inventing the story of ourselves, our life-narrative. But it is also a vital link through which we connect with others and with the world around us. Your home and the artwork in and around it are your most personal expressions of your own savoir-faire. Your home and your artwork are your largest and most important investments, and you can reside in the comfort of knowing that both are in good hands with Indie Art Handler. 

Your home's decor, including artworks, defines your taste and  personality, your outward expression of your style and interests. Trusting any individual to handle your most precious items can be nerve racking, and I understand your concerns of keeping your investments safe and in good hands. That's exactly why my experience in dealing with residential installations far surpasses any run-of-the-mill service company you may hire, because of the attentiveness and sensitive nature of my clientele  simply demands that, and is my focus when invited in to your home. 

With a wide ranging skill set, an intimate understanding of construction materials used in modern home design, and with years of working closely with so many high profile private art collectors, your paintings, sculptures, antiquities and other precious objects are handled no differently than that of any museum environment. Indie Art Handler employs all safeguarding methods and museum-quality standards to ensure - and guarantee - a 'leave no trace' principle that will result  in only perfectly installed and cared for artworks being the only evidence of my privileged visit into your home.   

Private Art Collection Services

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On a selective basis, I advise new and seasoned collectors, both private and corporate, on building meaningful and tasteful art collections that are relevant to the market and representative of the client's individual aesthetic. Developing connoisseur-ship among my clients is one of my key focuses. I offer an à la carte menu of services including acquisitions, appraisals, cataloging & inventory management, collection management, database creation, research, and business consulting for public, private, and corporate collections. Services are customizable and tailored to each client's budget and objectives. 

Collection Management:
Maintaining a large collection requires an updated database to keep track of all the particulars from current artwork location to the purchase date and location. I offer streamlined and cohesive cataloging services and can create and host customizable databases that are organized and searchable to easily manage hundreds of pieces of detailed information for every work acquired, loaned, donated, or sold. I also make sure that a corporation’s insurance is updated with each new acquisition. 

You've spent countless years collecting & investing in artworks you love. I will work with you to assure your pieces get the proper attention they deserve. Whether your art collection requires handling, installation, cataloging, packing, estate planning, or touring, I have a customizable service for your pieces.​The majority of packing & moving companies are ill-equiped & uneducated in proper art handling procedures, which may lead to damaged artwork. This includes having your "handyman" hang your pieces. Indie Art Handler has years of museum and gallery expertise to assure your artwork is safely handled & re-installed or stored properly.​