Museum & Gallery Services

Fine Art Installation

With all fine art comes fine art installation: from two-dimensional artworks, sculpture, delicate objects, artifacts and antiquities. Only through years of expertise is it possible understand each individual artwork's specific installation needs. 

Gallery Design & Layout

The way an art gallery is designed not only affects how visitors and customers perceive it visually and navigate it spatially, it may even affect the gallery's level of economic success. Consulting services ensure your gallery projects your vision clearly.

Large Scale Painting Installation

No artwork is too large, heavy, or delicate. With nearly two decades of experience, my skills ensure that no job is unmanageable. Each project is approached by carefully evaluating the unique and special needs required for a flawless performance. 

Fine Art Lighting

Art subjectively projects the inner world of the artist and reflects the inner world of the viewer in both personal and universal forms. As such, lighting display techniques and art lighting services are never generic or impersonal in nature.

Fine Art & Object Crating

Museum-grade attentiveness to every detail, resulting in carefree crating of all types of artworks and other objects, coupled with a broad experience in securing and transport specifications ensures the safe arrival of your priceless investments. 

Special Project Installations

Technically challenging, carefully orchestrated and skillfully demanding projects are executed from start to finish with on-site project management, procuring all resources necessary for site-specific installations, rigging and multi-phased projects.